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Many women feel there is no safer or more loving place to give birth than in their own home with the assistance of a midwife. The home setting is familiar and natural -- a place where the new baby and family are together from the start. For low-risk pregnancies, there is no evidence to suggest that giving birth in the hospital is safest. The evidence does show much lower rates of obstetrical intervention, such as forceps and c/section deliveries, with midwife assisted births. Atlanta Birth Care midwives serve low risk mothers in the Atlanta Metro area who live within in a hour of Lilburn/Duluth.
  • I am forever grateful for ABC’s skilled, compassionate care that led me to a peaceful birth.

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  • Supporting Women, Nurturing Families

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    Atlanta Birth Care (ABC) is a traditional midwifery practice of two partner midwives that assist women to give birth in their own home. ABC practices the Midwifery Model Of Care.   Midwifery has ancient roots of women serving women, supporting them in their labors to give birth. Midwives rely on their hands as their key […]

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    Hello and welcome!  I am Debbie Pulley and one of the the senior midwives in the practice.  It has been my honor to assist Atlanta families at their births for over 30 years.  My students and I feel strongly that prenatal care, birth and postpartum care are a family event if that is what the family chooses.  Children are […]

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    Kay Johnson, CNM is the newest addition in our practice. (bio coming soon)    

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    Whitney Whitmoore is  the Senior Apprentice at Atlanta Birth Care, where she has been  since January 2011.  Whitney is studying to be a Certified Professional Midwife and planning to sit for her certification exam in  2015. The miracle of birth has always captivated Whitney and she has a history of mother support roles over the […]

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    I am the mom to 3 incredible young men that are teens and nearly adults. My first son was a traumatic birth by unnecessary cesarean at 38 weeks following a failed induction. My next two sons were successful VBACs. I trained with DONA to become a birth doula in 2003. As of April 201 5, […]