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Obtaining Your Baby’s Birth Certificate

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Now that your baby has arrived one of the next questions is, “How do I get a Birth Certificate?”  In some states birth certificates are automatically sent to parents once the midwife files them.  Unfortunately it is not quite that simple in Georgia.  The good news is you should get your baby’s Social Security card in the mail once the birth certificate is in the system if you authorized us to request one.  Below are the steps you will need to follow to get the birth certificate. 

  1. Complete the four-page Birth Certificate Worksheet and give to your midwife at the postpartum visit.  Without that information your baby will be named Baby Boy/Girl Mother’s Last Name. If you are not married to the father of the baby we will also need an affidavit of paternity in order to add the father’s name to the birth certificate.
  2. Your midwife is required to file your birth certificate within a week of the birth.  Once she fills out the form you will be sent a copy to verify everything is correct.  You need to respond to that email as soon as possible so she can mail in the form.
  3. Allow another two weeks for the forms to be received and inputted into the system at the State level.  This extra step will be eliminated once the online system is functioning.
  4. After three weeks your certificate should be ready for pickup.
    1. You can pick the birth certificate up at any Vital Records office in Georgia.
    2. You can order the birth certificate online but please note that there is an $8 processing fee for convenience.
    3. You can get the form offline to order the birth certificate and mail it in to the State.
  5. The State charges $25 for the first copy and $5 per additional copy.  We always recommend you get at least three for your files.


Vital Records Offices

County Registrar webpage listing

County Registrar contact information -includes all Georgia counties


Old forms for clients for babies born before 2014.

Birth Certificate Worksheet   

This form needs to be given to your midwife at the postpartum visit.    Filling it out ahead of time, with the exception of the birth information, will help speed up the process.

Personal Prenatal Record Affidavit -             

Proof of Delivery – Witness Affidavit -


Rules and Regulations for obtaining a birth certificate after having a homebirth in Georgia


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