Debi Thomas, CPM

Certified Professional Midwife





                                                          Debi Thomas, CPM                              



My name is Deborah Thomas, Debi for short.  I've moved to the Atlanta area in 1974, two days after graduating for High School in Concord, California, which is where I grew up.  I meet my future husband on the roof of the house I was living at, as he was at that time a carpenter re-roofing that particular house.  Shortly thereafter we started dating, and within 5  months we were married, and again in a short 4 months were expecting our first baby.

Having my first baby was a rough experience in such a drug oriented world back in 1975, no one had natural childbirths then, it was all twilight sleep, and I desire a natural birth. They thought I was looney!  But I fought hard and I won!  On November 25, 1975 my first baby was born, not into my hands, but whisked away for 9 hours to a nursery who thought they could care for my baby better than I could.  I was so lost without her.  But, it wouldn't happen again!  My second daughter was born into my hands, and we went home 2 hours after she was born. It was amazing!!

I begin to teacher this wonderful Bradley Method I had learned to do, to as many as wanted to know, after having such a great birth.  And in the course of teaching, I was asked to come coach, support, or just to take pictures , and even a couple of time to assist at a home birth!  I felt so comfortable to that environment, and knew, without a doubt, this is where I belonged. 

But the road would be fraught with difficulties, as no one could get an apprenticeship with the midwife practicing in Atlanta.  So I chose to wait until the time was right.

Well,  I had three more babies during that time, while I continued to teacher women to have a natural childbirth in the hospital, and at home.  All three were born at home with a Midwife in attendance. The first was born May 24 1979, another June 14, 1982, and my last was April 21, 1984. They were all GREAT!  Then I really knew that this was for me!!! 

When my last child was 2 years old, a good friend told me Debbie was looking or an assistant to train.  So I called her, we met, and the rest is history.

I started training with her in March of 1986, and went to my very first home birth as an assistant on April 22, 1986.  I train with her for 5 great years, and began my own practice May 9, 1991.

I applied for my CPM credential in April of 1996, passed the requirements, and have held the title of Certified Professional Midwife since.

To date I have attended 511 births, attending as primary for 300.  Whoo-Hoo!!!  Feels great.  I absolutely Love helping Mothers achieve there desires to have a natural, love filled, home birth!  Yes, this is my calling, my Joyful mission in life, and I've never been sorry to have been so blessed to be entrusted with the care of all these Mothers and babies, and support Fathers, bothers, and sister, and yes, even Grandparents too.

I myself have 6 grandchildren, and have been privileged to be the Midwife for all 6,  catching all but one; who decided to come in to Daddy's arms before I could get there!  How precious is that!  I absolutely LOVE being a Grandmother, and understand the worries Grandmothers to be have when it comes to their own child having a baby!  

I travel a lot in my mission.  I am currently training someone in Augusta to meet the needs of that area, as have been serving women down there for since 1999. They have no one to assist them there if  they desire a home birth, and it's a far drive, I'm willing to travel.  But the need is great so we are doing something about providing local assistants there.

I also currently am apprenticing someone in the Athens area.  So we are trying to be able to offer services in many other large cities in North Georgia, other than Atlanta.

We all believe birthing where, how, and with whom you choose is a right as inalienable as free speech. Nothing about it should be neglected.  That's why we are serve as needed, to birth as you want, in the safety of you own home, with trained help to advise and assist quietly, and with gentle loving care!