Miscellaneous Info and Recipes

Probiotics and GBS

Group B streptococcus (GBS) is a type of bacteria that can cause serious illness and death in newborns. The bacteria are found in the gastrointestinal tract (gut) and are sometimes found in the vagina and/or rectum. Many pregnant women carry GBS in their bodies, have no symptoms of illness and are not sick.  These women are considered colonized with GBS. Approximately 10% to 30% of pregnant women are colonized with GBS.

A fundamental element of minimizing colonization of any harmful bacteria in the body is maintenance of a healthy intestinal tract.  This usually includes supplementing your diet with probiotics, which are extremely helpful in maintaining the beneficial balance of good bacteria in the gut.

Here are a couple of brands of probiotics that have the ver specific L.rhamnosus in their makeup.

Fem-Dophilous ( Jarro )

Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate ( Garden of Life)

Ultimate Flora – Women’s Complete (Renew of Life)


Labor Aid

Laboraide works very well; the calcium and magnesium help in effective muscle contractions, the sugars give energy and the juices and water essential fluids.  This should be blended well and chilled or frozen.

Mix the following well in a blender:
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup honey (to taste)
1/4 tsp salt
2 calcium/magnesium tablets, crushed
Water to make 4 cups



  • 2 cups red raspberry leaves
  • 2 cups stinging nettle leaf
  • 1/2 cup alfalfa

Mix well and place in a ziplock baggie.  A large bowl with  a lid  works well for mixing it.  You can also add either Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, or Rose Hips (a sour taste) for flavor.  

To Prepare:  (In the Evening) Place half an inch of herb in the bottom of a quart size canning jar (a handful or two).  Experiment with the amount of herb and taste to find what works for you.  But please make sure there is about ½ an inch in the jar.  Fill the jar to ½ to ¾ of an inch from the top with boiling water.

Cover the jar with a lid or small plate to retain the essential oils and let sit overnight.  If your in a hurry, steeping for at least 20 minutes is acceptable and the flavor is not as strong if that is a problem for you.

In the morning, strain using a small mesh strainer  and your “tea” (technically an infusion, a concentrated tea) is now ready.

Since this is a highly nutritious drink it is also strongly flavored.   Some women love it and cannot get enough of it!!  Some tolerate it and others have a difficult time.

These suggestions are offered to help you maximize the amount you do drink. Feel free to experiment, so that you are sure to drink it frequently

Add ice.

Add Honey, blackstrap molasses (source of iron), molasses, sorghum, agave or maple syrup to sweeten.

When mixing your herbs initially you can add 1/4 cup spearmint or peppermint leaves 

Mix with half and half (or a desired quantity) with fruit juice.

Add a squeeze of lemon, or lime, especially nice with Lemon Balm.

Cut half and half with water.

Cut half and half with an herbal tea such as a Zinger.

If you would like all of the benefits of NORA tea and not have to purchase the herbs and create the blend on your own you can purchase a wonderful blend already bagged from Earth Mama Angel Baby.