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(Home) Birth:  Scientific Journal Article, Article by Henci Goer, Trust Birth

Breastfeeding: LaLeche League International, Breastfeeding.com, ProMom, Inc – 101 Reasons to Breastfeed


Calculate your due date and keep track of how far along you are

Chiropractic Care: American Pregnancy Association, iVillage Article

Circumcision:  Circumcision Resource Center, Not Just Skin

Cesarean: The Unnecesarean

Delayed Cord Cutting: Five Good Reasons to Delay Cord Clamping, Science Daily – Cord Clamp Delay Boost Iron

Diet: Preventing Eclampsia – Interview with Tom Brewer, MD, Bradley Method – Pregnancy Diet, Weston A. Price Foundation

Exercise: Mayo Clinic

Fetal Development:  Baby Center, Pregnancy.org Fetal Development

General Info:  Gentle Birth, Midwifery Today, Childbirth.org, Birth Psychology, Blessing God’s Way, FamilyDoctor.org, Compleat Mother, Mothering, Apple Tree Family Ministry, Midwifery Today Articles

Grief:  Healing Hearts – Baby Loss Comfort, Grief During Pregnancy, When Hello Means Goodbye

Herbs:  Pregnancy Problems – Susan Weed, Gentle Birth – Herbs, Shonda Parker’s Naturally Healthy

Homeopathy:  ABC Homeopathy, Healing with Homeopathy Article, The Society of Homeopaths, Homeopathy Works.com, 1-800 Homeopathy

Labor:   Bradley Birth, Hypnobirthing

Large Families:  Lots of Kids, Quiverfull.com

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Midwifery laws and regulations across the country  Bill and Law search engine (WashLaw)

Morning Sickness: Morning Sickness Help

Multiple Pregnancy: Mayo Clinic Twin Pregnancy Article, Twin Pregnancy and Beyond, I Am Pregnant Article

Spinning Babies –   improve fetal positioning for easier birthing

What foods and drugs are ok during pregnancy?


Find your State and US senator/representative