Ruth Cox, CPM

Certified Professional Midwife





   Ruth Cox, CPM

I have been married since 2002.  Jeremy and I have two beautiful daughters and a handsome son.  Since I’ve been a child I have had a heart for people, and loved being with them. Recovering from a childhood injury (which was a long process) I discovered that my hands both desired to give to others and had some gifts in healing. I started researching ideas that would fit my gifts and heart-desire, and explored different avenues—I think almost everything but midwifery. I thought about being a doctor of some kind—homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopath--or a massage therapist, and not one quite fit who I was. But I focused on the sciences in high school, thinking “medicine” in some form would be where I headed..

To give you my background on normal childbirth you need to know a little history about my family. I was the last, and favorite of my mom’s births: after years of reading about childbirth, fighting with doctors to get their natural births, and having natural births in hospitals, my parents were living in California when they became pregnant with me, and found a doctor who was doing homebirths near them. They were ecstatic, and enjoyed their 1st homebirth immensely. That experience apparently started a trend in my family, since most of my nieces and nephews were also born at home. Thus I have always considered pregnancy and birth to be normal, natural, empowering events in a woman’s life.

I spent several months just reading and immersing myself in birth stories and philosophy, and a midwifery textbook. When we moved to Arizona (for 8 months) I easily found a (legal, state-certified!) midwife to apprentice with. She had a very low birth rate, but it was a gentle introduction to the world of midwifery. Arriving back in Atlanta, I found the GA midwifery community, and was excited to realize there was an opening for an apprentice! As I began to be invited to births in those first few months Jeremy and I made a lot of adjustments to the “real” midwifery lifestyle. It has been very rewarding as my training has gotten more intense, to realize that midwifery is indeed where my heart is, and a part of who I am.

I’m excited to be involved with you during your pregnancy.  Birth certainly keeps me humble!