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Hello and welcome!  I am Debbie Pulley and one of the the senior midwives in the practice. 

It has been my honor to assist Atlanta families at their births for over 30 years.  My students and I feel strongly that prenatal care, birth and postpartum care are a family event if that is what the family chooses.  Children are always welcome and are encouraged to participate.  Over 50% of our mothers choose water for their labors and/or birth.  

I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and hold a midwifery license in Tennessee.  Unfortunately, at this time, neither are recognized in this state. Through the years I have become more active in both state and national midwifery politics.  I am an active member in the GA Midwifery Association and serve on the board of the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM).                                     

Don and I married in 1973.  We have two adult children, one son-in-law and three wonderful grandchildren.

I grew up in Hong Kong where I volunteered at the local hospital.  I started in pediatrics at the age of 13.  Our school nurse saw that there were several of us that had a nursing bend and spent six months teaching us a nurses aide program.  We did our clinicals at the hospital. On my 16th birthday I saw my first birth and continued to work in L&D until I returned to the States in 1972.  I finished my senior year of high school while working prn/weekends at the hospital.  There were no openings in pediatrics or L&D so I was placed in geriatrics.  In the meantime, I was accepted into the nursing school.  After a short period of time I realized that geriatrics was not my gift.  I left the hospital and nursing school, became a medical assistant, and started working for a pediatrician. 

Friends started having unassisted homebirths and ask me to attend.  I realized that it was important that there be someone there who had a clue and was fortunate enough to find a midwife in 1981 who was willing to train me.  I have been learning ever since.

Kay Johnson, CNM is the newest addition in our practice. (bio coming soon)










Whitney Whitney started apprenticing in early 2011.   We have kept her pretty busy and she loves it! 








Backup Midwives:

Ruth Cox, CPM is the third midwife in our practice.  She apprenticed with us for four+ years and received her national certification in 2010.  While her main focus now is being with her children she does find time to attend the occasional birth. 

I'm excited to be involved with you during your pregnancy.  Birth certainly keeps me humble!  For more information on Ruth click here.


Debi Thomas, CPM is our other backup midwife.  We practice independently but cover for each other when necessary.  For more information on Debi click here.

My name is Deborah Thomas, Debi for short.  We all believe birthing where, how, and with whom you choose is a right as inalienable as free speech. Nothing about it should be neglected.  That's why we are serve as needed, to birth as you want, in the safety of you own home, with trained help to advise and assist quietly, and with gentle loving care!