Home Birth Midwifery Services

We are currently on sabbatical. Scratch that…. we are retired and loving it!  Forty plus years of being invited to births was an honor and a blessing. Thank you all!

Services other midwives are now providing:

When you choose make us a part of your birth team, we strive to offer you a trusting relationship that will enable us to work together to create an optimal environment during your birth.  To do this we take the time to get to know you, and for you to know us. We strive to see the overall perspective of your health and environment and seek to answer all your questions and address your concerns. Because of this, our appointments can last from 45 minutes to an hour.

Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Care with Atlanta Birth Care includes:

  • An initial consult, we offer this as a free visit, to help your decision making process.
  • Care for healthy, pregnant women and their unborn babies.
  • Seeing women for all prenatal visits and provide prenatal education. Prenatal visits are every month until 30 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until due date with your 37 week appointment being a home visit.
  • Arranging for consultations with or transfers to doctors if needed and order laboratory and ultrasound testing if as needed and review them with you.
  • Offering education about alternative health modalities to deal with common pregnancy complaints.
  • Being on call three weeks before and two weeks after your due date for labor and delivery.
  • Caring for you during the  childbirth process while monitoring health and progress of you and your baby.
  • Working with you during your immediate postpartum to get breastfeeding established.
  • Examining your newborn and providing care for you and baby during the postpartum period, with visits at 48 hours and 6 wks. And available by phone at any time in between.
  • We are available 24/7 by phone for questions/concerns.
  • Extensive lending library.

Team Care
We usually work together or with assistants/students and are on 24-hour call. A pregnant woman will get to know our group of midwives/assistants to ensure that you are comfortable and familiar with the caregivers who will attend your birth. Generally, at least 1 midwife and 1 assistant will attend each birth and share the care throughout the pregnancy, labor, birth, and after the birth for six weeks.

Informed Care
As Midwives, we encourage each woman to take an active part in her care and be proactive in educating herself throughout her pregnancy and birth. We strive to provide factual evidence based information for consideration to each woman so that she can make informed choices about her care. We also provide sufficient time during prenatal care to discuss questions about important issues like nutrition, birth plans, breastfeeding and parenting. We see to recognize, support and encourage each mother as the main decision-maker about her care for herself and her baby.