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Atlanta Birth Care (ABC) is a traditional midwifery practice of two partner midwives that assist women to give birth in their own home.

ABC practices the Midwifery Model Of Care.   Midwifery has ancient roots of women serving women, supporting them in their labors to give birth. Midwives rely on their hands as their key tool. A midwifes job is to protect and maintain the safe environment for the woman to birth in. When provided with this security, the vast majority of women birth safely, quickly and with less pain. A midwife’s skills with her hands allow her to discreetly monitor the baby as well as the labors progress, to determine problems and correct them, using hands-on methods before any irregularities become serious.

A midwife will go to the birthing woman as soon as the woman feels she desires her attendance, and will stay until the mother is resting comfortably with her newborn. Midwives are also diligent about the postpartum care of the family after the birth, making sure all are adjusting well, and the health of all continues to be protected.   Breastfeeding is strongly encouraged for both the baby’s and the mother’s health, and as a natural function of the woman’s body. Midwives make themselves accessible to the pregnant or newly birthed family, to deal with concerns and answer questions.

ABC also utilizes two important aspects of care, one is focusing on evidence-based care, adding to our practice only those procedures and tests that have been shown to promote good health, safety and ease of birthing for both mother and baby. We  also practice Informed Caret, which means you will be provided with information not only about the benefits and risks of midwifery care, but also of different care providers and places of birth.

ABC uses the apprenticeship model for a new midwife’s training. Which means we use the time honored tradition of apprenticeship to impart our knowledge and assist our students in accumulating experience to serve women and families.


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