When to Call in Labor

If you are anxious or worried, call! We need to be notified of the onset of your labor as soon as you suspect it. That gives us time to arrange our personal and family lives. Don’t be afraid to call. We’d rather be called too soon than too late! We may not necessarily come to your home immediately, but rather go on alert to be ready when you say come. If any of the following situations occur, call your midwife:

IMMEDIATELY (Regardless of the hour):
1. If your water breaks (note color, odor, approximate volume and time.)
2. Hard contractions, even if they aren’t regular or long.
3. Abnormal pain or sense of uneasiness or anxiety.
4. Any vaginal bleeding (other than normal bloody show).
5. Frequent contractions, if you notice an increase in their strength or frequency.
6. Severe headaches and/or vomiting.

1. Mucous Plug or thick mucous vaginally.
2. Bloody show (blood tinged mucous- may be only a little pinkish.
3. Contractions – regardless of frequency. Are they different from Braxton-Hicks? If your
contractions are easy and irregular, time them for about an hour, then call.

Please contact us before taking any over-the-counter remedy, prescribed drug or herbal treatment.